Protos is derived from Greek, meaning 'first'. Protos Personal Performance gives you the reports you need to tell you if you are the first - among your friends, peers, your neighbourhood, your town, or even among the entire community worldwide. Competing against yourself requires discipline and remaining motivated can be a challenge in itself. However, competing against others is interactive, motivational and releases a competitive spirit that drives you to excel beyond what you could have done alone.

We at Protos strive to be the premiere golf scoring and performance reporting toolset available to the golfing community. Right now our Golf Club coverage is the Greater Toronto Area - an area encompassing some 5.5 million people, but our mandate is to support clubs worldwide.

Some benefits of registering and participating in the Protos Personal Performance for Golf community include:

Maintain all your golf scorecards and automatically calculate your handicap.
Personalized Performance reports including rankings by demographic in the Protos community.
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Use your mobile phone or wireless PDA as an electronic scorecard for score entry right from the golf course.
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Complete club and course details, including community authored club descriptions.
View the number and frequency of the courses you have played from our Google Map.
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Maintain a profile and view other member profiles - see who your competition is.
Create a private league to compete against your friends and coworkers.
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Add your handicap and current ranking to your website, blog or Google homepage with our Google Gadget.
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