We have two types of mobile clients.

The Java Mobile Application

Going beyond the web to support mobile devices allows you to only enter your score once, while playing your round of golf. You can keep score for just your round, or include others in your group.

Check our current list of supported clubs. Our mobile client supports all Protos Golf Clubs. New courses are continuously being added every week.

You may also request new courses to be added to our list by sending us an e-mail with either a scanned image of a scorecard, a website with all the course details, or all the details including:

  • Club Name, Address, Course Name
  • Hole details (yardage for each tee box, par, and handicap)
  • Course rating for each tee box
which you download and each time you play a round of golf, the client will ask you which course you are playing and retrieve the course details for you.

The Mobile Browser Scorecard

The mobile browser scorecard has been designed to fit the smaller dimensions of mobile browser. It uses a variant of HTML (XHTML Mobile Profile) and does not rely on javascript.

The Mobile Scorecard URL is: